UKCA Marking (CE Marking)

What is UKCA Marking

On 01.01.2021 the transition period Post Brexit ended indicating change of requirement from, the European CE Marking to UK Conformity Assessment Marking (UKCA) for products including doors and windows at point of installation

Note: CE Marking and UKCA will co-exist until 01.01.2023 where, all products will then be expected to have reverted solely to the UKCA Marking

*Ongoing discussions regards NI requirements – where update will be made available on confirmation of requirements

UKCA Marking demonstrates that the product meets essential characteristic levels within individual product standards (window and doors – hEN 14351-1). These are confirmed by the manufacturer via a declaration which states the characteristic values of the product manufactured. From 1st July 2013, CE marking became mandatory for all building and construction products therefore, WINDOWS AND DOORS MUST BE UKCA MARKED if they were manufactured after this date and it is the responsibility of the manufacturer* of the finished product to ensure that the now UKCA Mark is applied. *Manufacturer can be a Fabricator or an Installer depending on who supplies the complete finished product (frame and glass)

What do I need to comply with UKCA Marking

Factory Production Control (FPC)

Initial Type Testing (ITT)

Declaration of Performance (DoP)

UKCA Label

Check List

  1. Factory Production Control (FPC) in place
  2. Declaration of dangerous substances
  3. Mandatory ITT reports available for reference and to complete your DoP
  4. Procedure in place for UKCA Marking the finished product
  5. All other ITT reports if you wish to declare performance (optional)

Where all of the above can be ticked the basic requirement for UKCA marking has been met

Remember – transfer from CE Marking to UKCA Marking must be in place by 1st January 2023

REHAU Ltd will be able to support you if you have any outstanding issues so act quickly if you require assistance.

CE Marking information downloads

Download all the information you need from REHAU for CE Marking Conformance.

A Guide to Basic Guidance

REHAU’s Declaration of Hazardous Substances

U Value Compliance

Blank Declaration of Performance

Declaration of Performance

Complete the Declaration of Performance

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